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  • 01 Infrastructure

    We operate exhibition showrooms for K-content, smart offices, and the Enterprise Directory which is an offline enterprise promotion room, and also support outstanding Korean startups.

  • 02 Provide Information

    We analyze issues relevant to the market in real-time, provide information on key-men, buyers and projects, and conduct research investigations on policies and market trends.

  • 03 Business Matching 

    We promote joint business matching services through customized business matching via pre-investigation and/or pre-analysis on companies, content IP OSMU, and establishing convergence consortiums.

  • 04 Networking 

    We build hub networks consisting of government, associations, accelerator centers, etc., and networks for major companies by area.

  • 05 Mentoring 

    We organize expert mentoring groups and support companies that aim to enter into the market with consulting services.

  • 06 Promotion 

    We promote K-content by running a social networking service account for the business center.


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