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The KOCCA INDONESIA Business Center was newly established in October 2016 in Jakarta, the strategic hub of East Asia, to support Korean content providers enter into the East Asian market. We will do the best we can for a successful business by providing information on the local market and business matching services at all times when necessary.

Apa Kabar? Greetings from KOCCA INDONESIA Business Center!

Home to a population of 250million, Indonesia is the fourth largest country in terms of population, and has a massive market where 40% of the ASEAN GDP is generated. Also, Indonesia is a young country with an average age of 29, which is why it is categorized as a strategic market expected to show two-digit growth in the coming years. KOCCA newly founded this business center on October 2016 in Jakarta, Indonesia, the strategic hub, with an aim to develop the East Asian market as Post-China. As a new business center, we will support Korean content providers in successfully entering into the East Asian market, and make sure that both Korean businesses and the KOCCA INDONESIA Business Center grow together.

Greg NamGol KIM, Director, KOCCA INDONESIA Business Center Regional manager Oh NamGol KIM photo

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