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Since KOCCA Europe office was established in 2004 in London, it has spearheaded the role as gateway to promoting Korean creative contents into European markets. We will continue in this role to ensure our best support in helping you to build up successful business partnerships by closely networking with major companies and also to provide a variety of useful market information to aid fruitful partnerships and business decisions.

KOCCA Europe Office

Greetings from KOCCA Europe office,

 Europe has a long lasting cultural history and tradition and it is also the origin of the cultural and creative industry of 20th century, bringing the various contents to the market that we can experience today.
 With the recent developments of IT and the Media industry, the major European countries are rapidly moving into the centre of world’s contents market. As the market grows, the opportunities for the Korean contents are also expanding. The most prominent examples of this are the K-pop and Korean Wave phenomenon which have given prominence to Korean content within Europe and demonstrates the opportunity for Korean content to make an impact in the international markets, especially in Europe.

 The language and cultural differences might present a drawback when we approach the European market, however, KOCCA Europe office is positioned as a bridgehead for Korean contents companies to develop business relationships with European counterparts to allow strong business connections to develop. We have already experience of forming successful co-productions for example.

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Yoon-soo CHOI, Director, KOCCA EUROPE Business Center photo

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