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  • 01 Collect Business and Market Trends of China's Content Industry

    We provide weekly papers on the trends of the cultural industry by collecting related information and news so that Korean content providers can understand the direction and flow of the Chinese content industry by providing information on corporate and government policies related to the Chinese content industry and the market trends that are influenced by such policies.

  • 02 Local networking for Korean companies

    We support Korean businesses by establishing networks with related information agencies in China; by establishing networks with related Chinese enterprises; and by establishing networks with the media and other relevant organizations in China.

  • 03 Vitalize Marketing 

    We support the participation of Korean businesses in various exhibitions and/or fairs held in China; support marketing activities by establishing promotion networks in China; and support a strategic and focused marketing approach for core genres and contents.

  • 04 Trend Reports 

    We publish trend reports for each genre and term by collecting relevant information on the culture industry in China. The reports are available on the KOCCA website as well as in offline centers.

  • 05 Handling Requests from Korean Businesses 

    We quickly handle various needs of Korean businesses trying to enter into the Chinese market such as business inquiries and requests for various materials using all possible channels including e-mail, telephone, and direct consulting.


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