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Since its opening in Beijing, China, in 2011, the KOCCA Beijing Business Center has been the window for Korean content providers entering into the Chinese market. Fully utilizing its regional advantages, the KOCCA Beijing Business Center is making efforts to provide information on the trends and exports of the Chinese culture industry, and facilitate networking and exchange between Korean cultural content companies and Chinese government institutions.

KOCCA China Office

Greetings from the KOCCA Beijing Business Center!

The 21st century is a knowledge-based economy where the creation and use of knowledge and information is key to economic activities. Moreover, as the 21st century is recalled as the era of culture, Korea and other major countries around the world are nurturing the cultural content industry as a core strategic industry at the national level.

China's share of cultural content has been rising rapidly, showing outstanding growth incomparable to other Asian countries. Today, China has the second largest cultural content market in the world after Japan. In particular, Korea and China share a common ground in terms of history and culture, making the two countries a great partner for the co-development of the culture industry.

Therefore, the KOCCA Beijing Business Center aims to become the stepping stone for further development of the culture industry for both Korea and China. We are committed to arranging opportunities of exchange for both Korean and Chinese cultural content providers and do our best for the development of the Korean and Chinese cultural industries. Thank you.

KOCCA Beijing Office Regional Manager Kim gihun photo

Gihun KIM, Director, KOCCA Beijing Business Center



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