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Since its opening in 2004 in Los Angeles, the KOCCA USA Business Center has been the window for Korean content businesses entering into the U.S. market. L.A. is home to Hollywood, the heart of the U.S. entertainment business. Fully utilizing the advantages of this location, the KOCCA USA Business Center remains committed to contribute in boosting the Korean content industry by providing content-related business trends and information on exports, supporting marketing activities, and promoting Korean content businesses.

Greetings from the KOCCA USA Business Center!

The U.S.A undoubtedly has the world's largest entertainment market and is home to globally-recognized media companies such as Warner Brothers, Disney, and FOX to name just a few. Therefore, it is safe to say that success in the US market means success in the global market. The KOCCA USA Business Center has been making all out efforts to help Korean content businesses enter into the US market by establishing business networks in the U.S. As we continue to deliver practical support for your business, I kindly ask for your continuous interest and participation in the businesses and activities of the KOCCA USA Business Center.

kocca United States Office Regional ManagerIl-Joong Kim photo

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