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The Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), a governmental agency that oversees and coordinatesthe promotion of the Korean content industry, wasestablished in May 2009 by integrating five relatedorganizations, including theKorean Broadcasting Institute, the Korea Culture & Content Agency, and the Korea Game Agency. KOCCA is headquartered in Naju, the so-called “cultureand art city”ofJeolla Province, which isalso known for its abundance of white pear flowers in full bloom every March.

The footsteps that KOCCA has laid downover the past nine years have been broad, deep and multifaceted. The agency has strived to introduceKorean content to many aroundthe globe, thus impressing them with its creativity. Such endeavors span a wide range of Korean comics, webtoons, animations, characters, games, musicals, films, and fashion, as well as K-Dramas and K-Pop, which have won the minds and hearts of the world.

KOCCA is initiating various future-orientedprojects to further sharpen the competitive edge of the Korean content industry on the global stage in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. They includethe production of VR, AR and other next-generation content, R&D inculture technology (CT), the discovery of original stories, the development of new broadcast formats, the incubation of start-up businesses, the cultivation of content talents, customized support for creative works, the utilization of one source multi-use (OSMU) sharing the same intellectual property, investment and financing programs for small content firms, mid-to long-term research incontent policy, and industry analysis.

KOCCA will spare no effort until Korean creative content is recognized as the world’s best.
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