Main Business

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  • Documentaries, one-act plays,
  • soap operas, web dramas, MCN, broadcasting formatting


  • Recruiting of K-Rookies(rising musicians), production of excellent project music, concert support


  • Online, mobile, hands-on arcades, functionality, VR․ AR, fusion game


  • Discovering of new cartoonists, support for serial publication, comic book publication, comic magazines, and comic platforms


  • Short films, pilots, TV series, feature film animation

Character Licensing

  • New character development, character merchandising, related content production


  • Support for prototype production and joint marketing of designer brands, and fostering of creative brands

Overseas expansion

  • Providing support in localization (including translation, dubbing, and marketing) for global market entry
  • Host overseas export fair & roadshow and support to participate in major trade fairs
  • Host international trade fairs including BCWW, MU:CON, and Seoul Character Licensing Fair

Culture Technology R&D

  • Develop cutting-edge technology needed for content creation & distribution

Next-generation content

  • Support for development and production of VR content, and fusion creative projects to enhance the global competitiveness of the Korean content industry

Human Resource Development

  • Train content creators and support them to start contents business or find jobs
  • Operate CKL, a laboratory for content creation

CKL Business support center & Academy

  • Provide education for content creators and serve as an incubator for content start-ups
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